In-Situ Slum Upgrading, BSUP Project

Yerwada, Pune, India


Rising awareness of the need to integrate marginalized working communities has led to the development of central government policies like Building Services for Urban Poor (BSUP). The aim of the policy is to initiate in-situ and incremental up-gradation in existing slum communities living in congested neighborhoods with poor sanitation and temporary, insecure housing structures. The projects are funded through grants by the central government with contributions by the state, city, and community. The main goal is to provide well-built, secure, subsidized affordable housing with proper sanitation, water, and electrical facilities. Housing reduces physical vulnerabilities and risk from environmental hazards and supports social structures by providing in-situ rehabilitation. Economic security is enhanced by providing tenure security and ownership housing to participating community members. The projects have been implemented across different states in India. The first phase of the Yerwada project has provided housing for 500 members within the community and when completed will provide housing for a total of 1,000 members.

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